New Product! Mantis M5 LowPro

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mantis M5.2 LowPro

Eljen has recently introduced a new product to the Mantis M5 series line:  the M5.2 and M5.1 LowPro.  The product was featured in an Onsite Installer blog article from the WWETT Show, and in a case study done about a home in Massachusetts where the previous septic system did not pass the Title 5 inspection.

Having four Mantis M5 models offers even more design flexibility needed for challenging and difficult sites. Standard fittings can be used between the unit connections to further adapt to the sites needs.  The new LowPro 5.1 and 5.2 models are only 8 inches tall, significantly reducing mound sizes or installation depths when there are high limiting layers.

Product Length Width Height
M5.1 5' 1' 1'
M5.1 LowPro 5' 1' 8"
M5.2 5' 2' 1'
M5.2 LowPro 5' 2' 8"


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