Case Study: GSF Replaces Cesspool

Friday, December 15, 2017

PROBLEM:  A two bedroom home built in 1925 in LaPorte, Indiana failed the septic inspection during a property transfer.  The existing system included a saturated drywell and a septic tank that needed to be abandoned.  A soil report was conducted and showed a 0.5 gal/ft2 loading rate; a future system required 402 ft2 in order to meet ISDH requirements, but the available space was limited to the point where it looked like a holding tank would be the only option.  Setback constraints included the well, the to-be-abandoned drywell, and the house itself.  Additionally, the septic tank needed to be replaced.


SOLUTION:  IOWPA and Eljen certified installer Rod Swank from A Hope OS Systems LLC contacted Eljen’s technical resources department to see if the Eljen GSF system would fit on the site.  Of the five OS types approved in Indiana for the GSF system, a subsurface bed was selected; 22 A42 GSF modules met the sizing and square footage requirements for the system.  


RESULT:  The bed system using gravity distribution was installed using two laterals of 11 modules each, with an overall bed dimension of 9’ W x 45’ L.  The new homeowner now has a code compliant system with minimal maintenance requirements.

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